Electronic Music

Electro House continues to grow..

Most people can interpret genre styles distinctively. Eventually however, people begin to memorize as well as recognize the main differences in genre. It is when the two types of styles that are combined is when something unique and beautiful can be born.

It is no surprise that the combination of two different styles will surely make something fresh. Strangely, the sound becomes unique when two unlikely matches are put together.

The only genre that ever gets popular enough to hit main stream, is one that is creative yet acceptable.

Up to date, Electro House is one of the most popular forms of house music.

A hybrid combination of two sub-genres, electro and tech house. More simply put, Electro House emerged when the electro sound was becoming too boring and mellow and plain house was well, too plain. One of the very first DJs to incorporate these two style and become extremely popular was probably Benny Benassi. He directly incorporated smooth melodic electro beat with tech house irregularity. With the catchy tune and unique style it was the first of its kind to ever reach top charts in North America.

Both Matt Schwartz and Dave McCullen firstly began to label their tracks under the "Electro House" genre by 2005.

Since then hundreds of other DJ started to recreate music in this style and even many more listeners became fans. This music has barely been around for a decade and has been accepted by many club junkies. Remixes are often released of hot new songs that reach clubs around the world. To prove the popularity of this genre, keep in mind that Electro House is the only dance genre to come near the same popularity of 1970s disco in North America. Today electro house continues to grow more and more popular every day.