Electronic Music

So.. I'm sure you have witnessed it your self.

If at this point you haven't heard about Electro House you need to get out more. This genre is the single most well known sub-genre from house.

It didn't take longer than a decade for this style to match the level of popularity of as those of old disco days.Nothing can overwrite this history. Well if you look around you will realize that we are making history right now! If you ever watch the tele, you will probably notice many commercials are now using electro house style music to make them stand out. Television ads are far from all of the places where electro house can be heard. So where did it all begin? Most of the time, it is nearly impossible to find out who is directly responsible the making of music history. Luckily there is at least one mark in history that clears a few things up. It was in the early 2000s when a big movement of electroclash being mixed with synth pop. With the right events happening at the right times, the two came together. Electro clash and tech house that is. Electro clash being mellow and more relaxing as opposed to tech house which was had more energy and randomness created a hell of a mix.

The combination of the two style exploded all over the world very quickly.

Naturally, there this popularity boom invited many other musicians to join in. The very first DJ to become well known for it has to be Benny Benassi. His singe "Satisfaction" has been heard by everyone. He directly incorporated both electroclash and tech house together very successfully. The song was both melodic and catchy and that's one reason why it received so much attention. It won world wide rewards as well as make Benny Benassi the founder of Electro House. Many DJs began implementing this style as their own after the song became popular.